How to spy on Text Messages

Text Message Spy: How to spy on Text Messages

Spying on people is not easy; it may cause damage in the relationship when the targeted person comes to know about this. Before spying someone, just spend time with them and talk about the activities and your fear about them. Do not accuse the person before conforming it. It may be your child or your partner, talk to them about the usage of cell phones. If it is your children, you have the rights to restrict them from the usage of cell phone at certain times. Spend time with your child and talk with them without any distraction about their usage of cell phone and the things happening in the society. You can also talk about the fear that you have and do not accuse them. Be honest with them, there is nothing to hide from them. Express your feelings to them and make them understand your situation and your love for them. If you still have doubts about them, there are four ways to spy the text messages that are sent and received by the targeted person.

Text Message Spy: How to spy on Text Messages
Text Message Spy: How to spy on Text Messages

There is also a chance of your child lying to you, hence check the text messages and get your answer. The four ways are,

  • Spying by ourselves
  • Spying with the help of applications
  • Spying with legal advice
  • Spying employees for business development

How to spy on text messages with SpyZee (

How to spy on text messages with SpyZee
How to spy on text messages with SpyZee
  • Searching of the mobile phones:

As the first step, search for the cell phone of the targeted person when they are busy with any other work or when they are distracted. Some people will keep their phones in hand all the time; so wait for them to keep their phone down. When they start doing any other work and forget about the cell phone, take the cell phone quickly. Now search the text messages that are received and sent by the targeted person. There may be a chance of deleting the entire message when they are doing any dirty things and like to hide it from you. If they forget to delete the message due to any other emergency work, then it is your chance to view the messages. If any, take a screenshot and send it to your cell phone as evidence. Quickly delete the screenshot and the message that you send it to your device.

  • Ask the targeted person to provide the password of the targeted device

There may be a chance of the targeted person locking the cellophane using passwords. You can ask the targeted person with valid reason to provide the password. Or you can ask for the password in a casual manner saying your phone is dead and you need to make an emergency call. Once you get the password, check all the messages in the cell phone and do not make any attempt to delete any of them. The important point is that you should not leave any trace of spying the person. To do so, mark the messages unread if they have not really opened the message; close the tab that you have opened without fail.

  • Ask them to give their phone for your usage

To get another chance to view their cell phone messages, keep your cell phone somewhere out of view and now you will have to make a try of asking the targeted person to hand over the cell phone for your usage. You can take that targeted cell phone away from them for making calls privately. After reaching some distance away from the targeted person, check the mobile fully for any unwanted messages. When you take their cell phones away from them, they may act strange, feel very nervous, etc. and they may suddenly try to get back their cell phones from you. Now it’s your turn to watch them closely, when they delete any of the messages so quickly, then there is something they are hiding from you

  • Check the cell phone while the target is sleeping

It is also a good idea to check the target cell phones while they are sleeping. Do not forget to clear up the trace after you finish your searching. If they wake up and find that you are checking their phone, tell them the true reason for searching for text or a false reason for your search. If you find anything, ask them directly and allow them to clear-up the misunderstanding on them. Even after this, if you are not satisfied with the answer they give, there is another way.

  • Asking their friends about the target

Friends are the only persons who can easily access other’s cell phones and to whom we share everything. Hence ask the friends of the target whom you trust. Make a conversation with the target’s friend and ask them about the activities, behaviour and habits etc. of the target and tell them the risk behind the bad activities. Ask them to spy the cell phone and inform you when they detect any evidence.

Spying Text Messages with the help of applications

Spying Text Messages with the help of applications
Spying Text Messages with the help of applications
  • Knowing of risk and laws

Before spying others cell phone, it is very important to know about the risk and law for spying people. Monitoring the personal cell phones is illegal and may get into some kind of a problem while we try to do it

  • Tell the target about installing the advanced security features on the cell phone

Ask the target to hand over the cell phone for the installation of the advanced security application for protection. It is not considered illegal as you have already informed about installing the application. Now install the application on the targeted cell phone.

  • Create an account in the spying application

After installing the application in the targeted cell phone, you need to create an account to monitor the target. Some of the application requires you to pay for installing the application. Hence pay for the application and buy the license through the mail. Then follow the instruction to install the application. Now open the webpage of the application and create an account by giving the information that is required.

  • Log in to the application

After the registration process gets over, you have to log in to the account with the given username and password. Now we can monitor the target whenever we needed. There are many applications available in the market where we need to choose the specific application. Most of the applications need to connect the device to the internet.

  • Viewing the text messages

It is possible to view the text messages of the targeted cell phone using the application you have installed. They will give you the messages that are sent and received by the targeted cell phone. The application will provide the actual text of the messages. They can also give you the messages that are deleted from the cell phone. If there is any evidence, then we can have the screenshot of the message. These types of applications will work on the smartphones only. Some of the applications may have trial versions and if you really like the application, you can proceed with purchasing the full version.

  • Reacting to the evidence

If you find that the target has done a mistake, do not ask them directly about it. Talk to them indirectly and give them the chance of telling the truth to you. If they accept the mistake done by them, give them a chance to come clean. But there is a chance of not accepting the mistake done by them. Now you must show the evidence collected by you against them. If they are your children, then they will use the chance to come clean and clear the doubts by taking your advice into account. If you are married, sometimes the spouse may not accept the mistake and they will be angry with you for tracking them. Now it is time to clear the misunderstandings and have a great life behind.

Spying with legal advice

  • Take the advice of the lawyer

When you like to move legally, take the advice of a lawyer. Before trying to get into the legal process, you must have a little knowledge of the rules and regulations. You must be confident that your partner is doing mistakes and trying to hide it from you. Now consult the family lawyer about the activities of your partner and ask about the legal process of spying. Illegal spying in person may be an offence in law, so it is better to move in legal process. When spying on the target legally and found the mistake of the target, you may take the legal steps. When you are married and if your partner is doing mistakes even after you have warned them, you can get divorced with the partner. You cannot give the illegal spying evidence as the legal document while divorcing, hence spy legally and collect evidence through a lawyer and get rid-off the partner as soon as possible. The court will allow the legal spying documents as the evidence against your partner.

Spying employee for business development

  • Monitoring the employee

When you are the boss of a company with more people working under you and you are in the position to give cell phones to the employees for the development of the company, provide the cell phones that are installed with spying application. It is a must to inform the employees about the monitoring application that has been installed on the cell phones given by the company. Tell them that it is legal to monitor the employees for the development of the company. You need to explain the features of the application clearly without hiding the truth. In most of the countries, spying on employees is legal and is allowed by law.

  • Monitoring the bills of company-owned cell phones

Most of the bill statements will contain all the details like name, number, duration of the calls, time, etc. of the calls, messages, internet usage, etc. Comparing the bills with the actual activities in the cell phone will give you the full details.

  • Warning the employees

If you find any mistake done by the employees, warn them first. If they repeat it without considering the warning, then it is time for them to beget dismissed from the company. A warning will not be the only solution for the mistakes always. Hiring employees is not the big task for the company, but hiring trusted people for the company will be the biggest task for the company.

How to get rid-off the spying application with SpyZee

How to get rid-off the spying application with SpyZee
How to get rid-off the spying application with SpyZee

There is a way to get out of the spying on your cell phone by others. To do so follow the steps given below,

  • Check with the cell phone for spying application:

When your cell phone contains any of the spying applications, it will have signs like the battery of your cell phone gets drained so faster, will restart often without your request, the data usage will be higher, may receive unwanted messages with unknown text and numbers often, etc. In Android cell phone it is very easy to find the application as the Operating System will tell you that the application is spying on you. Then you can uninstall the application as soon as possible. When you have doubt as someone is spying you and if you cannot find the application, then you can reset the cell phone to factory reset. Before doing it, have the back up of all the data that you have stored on the cell phone. You can also reinstall the cell phone’s Operating System by which you can remove the spying application from the cell phone.

  • Installation of security applications:

We can install the security applications to protect your cell phones from other people by setting the passwords. If spying application is installed already, the passwords will not stop spying. Hence do the above process of deleting the application first, then download the security application to protect the cell phones from installing spy applications. In some of the cell phones, the security will be given as default in the settings. Hence search for the application security and set it. The cell phone must ask for the password while installing the application so that the installation of the application will not be much easier for the other people.

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